Are you ready to start a business with your handcrafted items?

You enjoy making things with your own hands, such as baking the cutest cupcakes, or knitting dolls, sewing patchwork, etc.…and your friends and family simply love your creations? At this point, you are seriously starting to consider making a living by doing what you love and seem to be really talented at doing. But the question is – are you quite ready to start an actual business and sell your handmade stuff?

Guitarists 101: Start with the right foot!

Learning a few chords is great, but after those first steps there are a lot more you can do. Scales, music theory, practice. Although difficult, it is not impossible. Just learn what it takes to get from novice to a good guitar player

First things first: music theory

Don’t skip the basics. You don’t need to learn everything from A to Z, just some basic music theory to play correctly. At the very leas you will need those three things:

  • Major and minor scales
  • How chords relate to scales
  • How to compose using chords

Second: Practice

Talent is nothing without practice. Talent will never make it without hard work. It is 1% talent and 99% practice. Remember that! When you are just getting started play slower than normal and focus on the chords without using force. You can speed up when you feel totally relaxed

Have practice schedule and stick with it. Practicing only when it strikes your fancy won’t get you anywhere!

Train your ears

Listen to different styles of music. Listen to the dynamics, try to notice when the music gets more intense, when it gets louder or lower

Yet again, practice. A lot. In the comfort of your own home.

Make sure you are comfortable. If you are constantly fiddling around because your chair is squeaking of your feet hurt, you won’t be able to focus on the actual music and your mind would split its focus on the other stuff. It is really important to get comfortable house shoes for both tiles and hardwood because you will be spending a lot of time practicing and get a comfy chair to sit on. Remove all distractions and stick to your schedule.

Use good resources or find a good teacher

Even though many claim they learned by themselves, getting a good teacher will make you better faster. Even watching youtube guitar lessons is better than doing nothing. However, getting a real teacher who can show you your mistakes is even better